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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
    ...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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    • BookWorm - BookWorm is an app for organizing your collection of books. Enter books by searching, scanning, or form. Once entered, you can see details, rate, sort, and filter your collection. BookWorm is *not* a book reader. BookWorm is open source: For a list of upcoming features, issues, and general discussion of the project please visit the project page (on Google... Added: 2012-03-05, Hits: 1120
    • Calendar Import - Export (ics) - Import, export your Android calendars using ics files without the Google cloud! Features • Export/Backup to ics file • Import from SD card or server • Supports ics (iCal, iCalendar) files Source code/Bug reports/Translations License GPLv3 Added: 2015-09-27, Hits: 468
    • Calendar Notifications Plus - This app would replace calendar event notifications, providing snooze functionality and notifications persistence. For this app to work it must be opened at least once after installation. Please don't forget to grant required calendar access permissions. IMPORTANT: please disable any Android power optimizations for this app (it won't consume much power), it is required for reliable operation: ... Added: 2016-04-01, Hits: 2386
    • ChandlerQE - ChandlerQE is part of Chandler ecosystem, the note-to-self organizer inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done book. Send notes from your phone to the Chandler Hub run by OSAF. Use Chandler Desktop or your desktop browser to manage the items. 20% donated to OSAF! Added: 2010-10-29, Hits: 1074
    • Clear List To-Do & Reminder - Clear List helps people quickly capture what?s on their mind and get a reminder later at the right time. Provide two Clear and beautiful material designed theme to make use experience better. We don't upload your data to any server, even never connect to internet, keep your private data more security. This software is open source on Github: Added: 2016-04-23, Hits: 202
    • Clip Stack ? Clipboard Manager - <small>Clip Stack is an open-source project. This is the only OFFICIAL app. </small> Promo video: , by Max Patchs. If you have any suggestions or complaints Please don't hesitate to contact me at . Clip Stack The mo... Added: 2015-03-10, Hits: 657
    • CrNote secured data and notes - Now Free! no-ads (ever)! Source code (GPLv2) available at General purpose encrypted note-taking, wallet and data storage app. * 256-bit AES encryption * Fully compatible with OpenSSL (aes-256-cbc) encryption engine * UTF-8 Unicode support * Individual files with individual passwords * Password and Pattern based encryption options * Tools to encrypt/decrypt files... Added: 2013-06-13, Hits: 1069
    • CrocodileNote - Take simple text notes. You can put them into folders to create your own quick, easy and robust file structure. CrocodileNote supports two modes - plain and encryption. In encryption mode all data is encrypted using password-based encryption (PKCS#5) with AES-256. These are common industry standards and used by, e.g., the famous TrueCrypt disk encryption. In plain mode you can view and copy fold... Added: 2014-12-11, Hits: 703
    • crushr - crushr is an easy to use home-screen widget to-do manager. Scrap all the bloat and you're left with a simple bare-bones list that holds all the things you need to crush. Recent changes: COLORS!!!! As of right now I added 12 primary colors and 12 secondary colors. If there is a color that you'd like to see email me and I'll see what I can do ;) After entering a new task and hitting the save butto... Added: 2014-12-25, Hits: 394
    • Dear Future Self, - With this, you can send messages to yourself in the future! You can also use the Share feature to share messages to yourself, e.g. from Twitter. License: GPLv3 Source: Recent changes: 0.3.1: ? Improves notifications for people who have too many unread messages 0.3: ? Improves search ? Improved notifications ? Exports to SD root 0.2.6: ? adds searc... Added: 2012-11-10, Hits: 1069
    • DesktopLabel - With DesktopLabel you can make desktop labels to visually group icons and other widgets. In the screenshots you can see an example. Test it for yourself! New in version 1.3: * You can edit the label touching it * Colors are now styles Tags: Desktop, Label, Group, Organize, Widget, OpenSource, GPL Content rating: Not rated Added: 2012-03-07, Hits: 1060
    • Dialer for Pebble - Dialer for Pebble completely revamps calling controls. It allows you to answer calls, decline calls, toggle speakerphone, toggle mic mute right from your pebble. You can also place calls right from pebble without even touching your phone, by browsing call history or filtering through contacts and groups. TURN OFF CALL NOTIFICATION IN ANDROID PEBBLE APP. OTHERWISE THIS WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. Added: 2015-10-24, Hits: 410
    • Dialer2 - Dialer2 is a fast T9 dialer and call log application for android. Note: I'm considering open-sourcing Dialer2, if anyone is interested please contact me. It is inspired by the HTC Dialer in functionality and the Twicca twitter application in design. Features * Speed Dial (long click on contact to set as speed dial, long click on number to call speed dial) * Call Log * Fast T9 dialer * Facebook ... Added: 2012-03-17, Hits: 1100
    • Did I? - Want to build a new habit? Keep yourself accountable and ask yourself a simple question every day: "Did I?" Minimal on features, maximal on effect: - No way to skip or edit a day. If you do not answer the questions, the app will answer them for you, negatively, for every day that you haven't answered. - Notification for a daily report, every day at a time you set, with no option to d... Added: 2013-07-06, Hits: 922
    • DigitalOcean Swimmer Android - **Features vote:** Open-source application for the users of DigitalOcean who wish to manage their droplets, snapshots, images and domains via an android application. This application allows you to : * Manage your droplets : create, reboot, boot, shutdown, reset password, resize, take snapshots, enable/disable backups, rename and destroy. * Ma... Added: 2016-06-16, Hits: 102
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