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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
    ...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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    • Amarino - Android library to control Arduino devices via Bluetooth. Added: 2010-06-16, Hits: 1088
    • Androsens - Androsens collects and displays sensor data from various sensors: orientation, magnetic field, acceleration, light, proximity, pressure and temperature. No permissions required! No ads. Open source GPLv3 Recent changes: fixed layout issues on 480x800 screens Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-11-27, Hits: 1054
    • ASNE - ASNE created for simple integration of Social Networks. If you want to integrate your application with multiple social networks just choose ASNE modules and add them to your project. ASNE contains common interface for most popular social networks Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki Added: 2014-12-10, Hits: 641
    • ChartDroid - Non-developers: Don't bother installing this unless another application has brought you here. Developers: Check out "ChartDroid Demo" on the Market and consult the website below for usage. Recent changes: Fixed Pie Chart labels Content rating: Not rated Added: 2012-03-07, Hits: 1072
    • CMT Analogue Synth Plugin - This is a plugin, it only does anything when used through another music application! An analogue synth plugin that can be loaded by music applications, taken from the free LADSPA CMT. More information, tools, and GPL'd source code at Added: 2010-05-10, Hits: 1061
    • Libraries for developers - This application provides a collection of third party libraries, as a developer this application is essential for you. You will have information about the author, captures, license, description, links of the library and you can try a working example within the application. Recently it has added a tab with SNIPPETS that will be updated constantly. In order to collect the largest possible number of ... Added: 2013-06-08, Hits: 1147
    • Logback-Android - Advanced logging API for Android. An Android port of Logback, the successor to Log4j written by the creator of Log4j. Added: 2012-02-28, Hits: 1056
    • Mandelbrot Map 2 - Mandelbrot Map 2 is a simple Mandelbrot fractal viewer for Android that acts as an "infinite map". Simply use it like Google Maps, with panning and zooming. It also offers options to save images and set as wallpaper. Note: this was designed to be just a simple demo app. There are other more fanciful or faster fractal renderers on Market. Want to fix the OOM bug or add palette cycling? ... Added: 2012-07-04, Hits: 1058
    • Ministro II - DO NOT INSTALL THIS SERVICE UNLESS OTHER APPLICATION REQUEST IT. Ministro is a system wide Qt shared libraries installer/provider service. It acts as a bridge between your apps and Qt libraries. Ministro service is release under GPL v3+ license. The connection API protocol used by applications to connect and query the service is released under BSD license, it mean that any application (no matte... Added: 2013-07-19, Hits: 1049
    • Newton's Cradle - Newton's Cradle model. Nice UI, drag and drop the balls to create motion or use accelerometer. v2.2.0: Multi-touch support for Android 2.0+ v2.1.1: Donut 1.6 update with QVGA & WVGA support Twitter: @geekyouup Source: Added: 2011-03-31, Hits: 1069
    • OCR Test - Experimental app for optical character recognition (OCR). Runs the Tesseract 3.03 open source OCR engine to find text in images captured by the device camera. This app runs OCR on your device--without uploading your images to a server--and is suitable for recognizing individual words or short phrases of text. Translation (powered by Google/Microsoft) can be run after OCR. The default single-sho... Added: 2011-11-24, Hits: 1204
    • OI About - OI About is a standalone about dialog that is shared between apps. This application is invoked through the menu of other OI applications. It allows you to view version information, links, credits, and license of an application. Credits include authors, documentation, translators, and artists. All of this functionality is brought together in a simplistic and efficient layout. This application is ... Added: 2010-06-12, Hits: 1061
    • OI Voice Notes - *THIS WILL NOT LAUNCH BY ITSELF* Use menu of OI Shopping list or OI Notepad to launch this extension. * * * * Extension for OI Notepad and OI Shopping list. Record, play voice memo attached to a note or shopping list. Additional menu for record and play appear in OI Notepad and OI Shopping list if installed. Added: 2010-06-12, Hits: 1053
    • OpenCV Face Detection - This demo application demonstrates face detection functionality from the OpenCV library. Recent changes: Application updated with OpenCV 2.4.3 release. Content rating: Everyone Added: 2013-09-24, Hits: 1050
    • OpenCV Manager - OpenCV library is used by other applications for image enhancement, panorama stitching, object detection and recognition, etc. OpenCV Manager provides the best version of the OpenCV for your hardware. It also receives the latest stability and performance updates for the library. Recent changes: OpenCV Release 3.0: - contains libraries for both OpenCV 2.4.x and 3.x - support 64-bit platforms (only... Added: 2013-09-24, Hits: 1062
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