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  • Just Player - About Version. This app is the official version of Just Player. Advertising does not de but has some features become paid. Special setting, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive in pay function. Playback of playback and Ampache of music can be used free of charge. There are also differences in t... Added: 2015-03-05, Hits: 1019
  • HN - Hacker News Reader - Finally, a reliable Hacker News reader with a focus on design & usability! It's also open-source. Upcoming feature: • Post comments Current Features: • View Hacker News stories and comments, beautifully laid out • Also view articles in ViewText, Google, or your system browser (you can ... Added: 2015-03-05, Hits: 1423
  • Crosswords - Played by the same rules as Scrabble (tm), Crosswords supports games between from one to four human or robot players, in most European languages via downloadable dictionaries, and between smartphones over the wireless network or using SMS/text messages. Crosswords is free/open source software, and h... Added: 2015-03-05, Hits: 3853
  • Data Stats - source: Recent changes: v1.2.4 - Fix screen rotation problem v1.2.3 - Add config to hide bar when in fullscreen Content rating: Everyone Added: 2015-03-04, Hits: 88
  • Notify Lite - Don't miss what matters most, get notified! This application will display a popup notification window when certain phone/app events occur. This app is extremely customizable with many options. Updates and new features are frequently added. Features including: Popup window notifications for: • S... Added: 2015-03-04, Hits: 1375
  • FrostWire - Downloader/Player - FrostWire is a native BitTorrent Client & Cloud File Downloader for your Android phone or tablet. With built in file search, music player, media browser and local Wi-Fi sharing you won't need to leave the app to download, play and share files. FEATURES: - Built in torrent & cloud search. ... Added: 2015-03-04, Hits: 1819
  • andFHEM - AndFHEM is an application to control devices using an FHEM home automation server. Features: * Cache FHEM data on your device. No need to load all the data on every request. * Manage your devices in rooms. Create favorites to get a status summary. * View devices aggregated by functionality, not by ... Added: 2015-03-04, Hits: 2768
  • StockTicker - Widget - A home screen widget that displays updated stock prices Open sourced here under the MIT license: Stocks are sorted by change in percent (descending), or you can rearrange them yourself. The app only makes requests during trading hours and on weekdays. Now s... Added: 2015-03-03, Hits: 178
  • DiskUsage - DiskUsage provides a way to find files and directories on storage card which consume a lot of space. Displays diagram with directories/subdirectories proportional to their size. Press MENU for actions. Integrates with OI FileManager and Astro. If program fails or gives you out of memory error me... Added: 2015-03-03, Hits: 488
  • Movian Remote - Movian is a media center primarily intended to be used directly on a TV. It is currently available for Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and Playstation 3. See for information about Movian. Go to for more information about Movian Remote. Recent ... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 117
  • OSMBugs - BETA - This is the Beta Version of OSMBugs - Openstreetmap Bugs This App will show you Bugs on the various Bug reporting Platforms. Currently Supported: Openstreetmap Notes Osmose - Read Only Mapdust Keepright Please Report Bugs and Feature Requests at the Github Repository at Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 198
  • RoomMates Life Calculator™ - *Nearly Bug Free! Public Beta.* RoomMates is the perfect app for splitting a bill or calculating a tip at a restaurant. With RoomMates you can split a bill between any number of people. ★ Features include: ☆ Bill Splitting between a number of people ☆ Tip Calculator ☆ Custom App Themes ☆... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 247
  • Compagnon t411 - Comme plus de *80.000* utilisateurs, adoptez l'application la plus complète pour naviguer sur le célèbre tracker francophone ! Suivez au plus près l'évolution de votre profil utilisateur t411, recherchez vos fichiers favoris et répondez à vos MP directement depuis votre mobile ! Act... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 894
  • ZANavi for Android - ZANavi for Android is an open source (GPL) car navigation system for offline Navigation You can download and use the whole world map with the "large map donate" version (careful: size over 10GByte!) !! We are looking for beta tester for the upcoming bicycle navigation mode, contact us at... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 1050
  • andRoc - The Android based wireless client for Rocrail; "A Model Railroad Control System." andRoc is a goody for those who have a valid donation key installed on the server. Features: - Works with all Command Stations supported by Rocrail - Loco throttle with: Loco Images 24 functions and ligh... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 1378
  • FBReader - FBReader (FBReaderJ) is a free ebook reader. Main book formats: ePub (ePub3 is partially supported), Kindle (mobipocket), fb2(.zip). Other supported formats: RTF, doc (MS Word), html, plain text. Supported via free plugins: PDF ( Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 2144
  • ChatSecure - Free unlimited, encrypted and private messaging with your friends over Google Talk/Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Dukgo, Jabber & more! Works with Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or PC. ★ EFF rates as most secure: ★ PC Mag “100 Best Android Apps of 201... Added: 2015-03-02, Hits: 2514
  • Anthology for Gives Me Hope - Updated 2.0: Recreated the application from scratch only utilizing the images and the resources for a new architecture. An unofficial client for Gives Me Hope Android for educational purposes. This Android application allows the user to browse Th... Added: 2015-03-01, Hits: 160
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon - Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a game based upon Pixel Dungeon's Open Source. it is posted with the permission of Watabou, the original dev of Pixel Dungeon. Its aim is to make Pixel Dungeon the best game it can be, with reworks to existing content and tonnes of new stuff as well! Both Pixel Dungeon a... Added: 2015-03-01, Hits: 230
  • Kernel Adiutor - Requires Root! WARNING: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ON YOUR DEVICE! An application which manages kernel parameters. It depends on your kernel which features you can use. With Kernel Adiutor you can tweak and monitor things like: CPU (Frequency, Governor) CPU Voltage C... Added: 2015-03-01, Hits: 331

"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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