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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
    ...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

    Category: Updated links

    • Offline Survival Manual - This is a Survival Manual which is fully working offline ( which is important to survive in a case of some extreme situation ) It contains info on how to make fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in a case of emergen... Added: 2017-02-25, Hits: 2
    • Democracy Droid! - Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S. This application streams or downloads the independent media broadcast Democracy Now! The War and Peace Repo... Added: 2017-02-25, Hits: 2
    • Lesser Pad - Lesser Pad is the "Simply" memo pad. Data is saved as a text file on SD card, you do not need to be conscious of file name. Lesser Pad design philosophy derived from the old Palm OS Memo Pad. Lesser Pad is not a lesser panda, sorry. Requirements ------------- Android 1.6 or higher, with i... Added: 2017-02-25, Hits: 1068
    • AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) - <font color="RED">***ROOT REQUIRED*** </font> If you don't know what root is, please search for "How to root android" in the Internet. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) is a front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall.It allows you to... Added: 2017-02-25, Hits: 1070
    • KISS Launcher - KISS Launcher allows Android users to simplify the home of their interface, to purify their screens and access the functions they need as quickly and as simply as possible. KISS Technology has been developed to allow users to save time and battery power. KISS Android Launcher helps users find the ... Added: 2017-02-24, Hits: 618
    • DroidBeard - DroidBeard is a lightweight and easy to use app for managing your Sick Beard installation either at home or remotely. Current features include: • Add new shows from your Android device • See upcoming episodes • View snatch and download history • Manage episode statuses and ... Added: 2017-02-24, Hits: 836
    • Navit for Android - Navit for Android is an open source (GPL) car navigation system. It will display your position on a map (in bird-view mode or as a 3D "visualization") from GPS sensor data, and can provide precise route calculation, touch screen functionality and supports Points of Interest (POI). Unlike ... Added: 2017-02-24, Hits: 1159
    • Timber Music Player - This app does not allow you to download music. Timber is a open source music player currently in beta. Features- - Material design - Browse Songs, Albums, Artists - Create and edit playlists - 6 different now playing styles - Homescreen widgets - Browse device folders - Dark theme and UI customis... Added: 2017-02-23, Hits: 0
    • Logical Defense - Steel yourselves, and begin to defend your mind from the language used against you by the sophists of the world. They are many, we are few, but with the Logical Defense app, we now have an extra tool in our box of rationality. Use this app to quickly look-up the logical fallacies we face when deba... Added: 2017-02-23, Hits: 449
    • Equate - Equate is a unit converting calculator designed to perform conversions fast. To perform a simple conversion, simply tap the starting unit and then tap the end unit. Equate is also a comprehensive calculator, with calculation history and history recall. App is ad-free and open source (see Github ... Added: 2017-02-23, Hits: 458
    • AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) - <font color="RED">***ROOT REQUIRED*** </font> If you don't know what root is, please search for "How to root android" in the Internet. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) is a front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall.It allows you to... Added: 2017-02-23, Hits: 1093
    • Simple Calendar - An offline calendar without any other calendar integration. You can easily create recurring events and setup reminders, it can also display week numbers. Contains a resizable 4x4 widget where you can customize the color of the text, as well as the alpha and the color of the background. Contains no... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 28
    • Kiwix, Wikipedia offline - The whole of Wikipedia on your device! Kiwix is an offline content reader which can be used to download and browse Wikipedia as well as other sources (Ubuntu documentation, WikiLeaks, WikiSource, WikiVoyage, etc). Once you download the content file (potentially very large), you don't need any conn... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 395
    • ODK Collect - ODK Collect is a replacement for paper forms with support for geo-locations, images, audio clips, video clips and barcodes, as well as numerical and textual answers. ODK Collect can evaluate complex logic to control the display prompts and to impose constraints on their responses; it also supports g... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 910
    • bVNC: Secure VNC Viewer - Please support my hard work and GPL open-source software by buying the donation version of bVNC from Google Play. You can use this fully-featured version of bVNC for free for as long as you want with no strings attached. If bVNC doesn't work for you, before writing a review, please post your questi... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 1109
    • BoardGameGeek - This app searches the board game data from BoardGameGeek (aka, BGG, Board Game Geek, or just the 'Geek) at It's not a game itself - it's a reference tool that provides information about board games. This is not an official app; it is supported by adori... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 1125
    • My Expenses - Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source. - Keep track of your expenses and incomes. - Manage them directly on your smartphone. - Export them into a Desktop finance program like Grisbi, GnuCash, Quicken or MS Money. - Up to five accounts with transfers - Define tem... Added: 2017-02-22, Hits: 1224
    • c3nav – 33c3 indoor navigation - NoMoKeTo built awesome indoor navigation for the 33c3 that you can find at This app opens the c3nav website and sends data about your current wifi network coverage to the c3nav website which can use this data to detect your current location. Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 88
    • DigitalOcean Swimmer Android - **Features vote:** Open-source application for the users of DigitalOcean who wish to manage their droplets, snapshots, images and domains via an android application. This application allows you to : * Manage your droplets : create, reboot, boot,... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 101
    • FastPhotoTagger - View and change photo metadata. FastPhotoTagger tries to be the fastest way to set the metadata in your photos. Add, change, delete, and search the metadata fields of your choice. FastPhotoTagger excels when you have lots of files and lots of metadata. Key Features o Provides quick-start user gui... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 106