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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

Details: Car Report

market download Car Report
With this app you get an idea of how much your car costs. Simply enter the costs after refueling and get nice reports. These are:

1. Fuel consumption
2. Fuel price
3. Mileage
4. Average costs of the car per day, month and year

Additional features:

• Simple calculations like "how much will 5 liters of fuel cost?".
• Manage other income/expenses such as repairs and recurring costs such as taxes.
• Synchronize your data with Dropbox, Google Drive or WebDAV, export/import data as CSV and make simple backups to SD card.
• Car related reminders like "general inspection every year or after 15.000 km".


Network access: Used to synchronize with Dropbox/Google Drive/WebDAV, if enabled.
Manage acounts: Used for synchronization.
Write to SD card: Used to read/write backup and CSV exports to SD card.
Run at startup: Used to show reminders after device reboot.

If you find any bugs, please let me know here (no login required):

Author: Jan Kühle
Version: 3.11.2
Market link: me.kuehle.carreport
Web site:

Source code:
Code license:
Market downloads: 1,000-5,000
Market rating: 4.2 / 5.0
Category: Top:/Applications

Added: 2012-10-12
Updated: 2017-02-21
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