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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
    ...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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    • Open Pet Food Facts - Scan pet food products or their barcode to obtain data on ingredients, additives and nutrition facts. The app allows to view the over 100 pet products already contained in the free and open database Open Pet Food Facts, and also to add pictures and data for missing products. To discover the Open Pet Food Facts project, please visit You will also be able to find (acc... Added: 2017-04-17, Hits: 62
    • OpenBikeSharing - OpenBikeSharing lets you find shared bikes available in your city (400 cities, 38 countries). Select your bike network, find some stations in the list or on the map (OpenStreetMap) and you're good to go! If your city isn't supported or something isn't working as it should, please file a bug report or send me an email. Source code: The following ne... Added: 2015-07-02, Hits: 460
    • OpenBikeSharing - OpenBikeSharing lets you find shared bikes available in your city (more than 400 cities, 38 countries). Select your bike network, find some stations in the list or on the map (OpenStreetMap) and you're good to go! If your city isn't supported or something isn't working as it should, please file a bug report or send me an email. Source code: At lea... Added: 2015-01-02, Hits: 481
    • OpenLP - Remote 2.0 - OpenLP Android Client allows remote control of a running OpenLP client over a wireless network or Internet. This is version 2 of the Android client and is work in progress. Not all functions have been developed yet but the delivered functions are tested. This version of the client works with OpenLP 2.0 but is designed to support OpenLP 2.2 as it has SSL and user authentication. OpenLP stands f... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 10
    • Pentago - Pentago Board Game. Abstract turn based strategy game for two players. Five in a row with additional complexity of board rotation in every move. Computer player is quite slow, on level 5 move can take several minutes (sorry). Improvements coming soon! :) Added: 2015-11-17, Hits: 321
    • Point & Hit - Point & Hit is a simple fast paced game. Tilt your device to aim at the targets and tap the screen to shoot them before they disappear. Try to beat your highscore! Point & Hit runs on many different devices, all that is required is a built-in compass, to track the orientation of your device. Features: * Addicting game play * Completely free * No adds or in app purchases * Small, with... Added: 2016-05-03, Hits: 177
    • Politrics - Politrics is a board game similar to Chess. The game was invented by Wilfrid Hartnagel. Android application was created by Todor Balabanov. Added: 2015-12-26, Hits: 180
    • Public Transport - Timisoara - Get real-time vehicle arrival times from Timisoara's public transport system. Use your device to download live arrival times obtained from the real-time GPS tracking units installed in all public transport vehicles (trams, buses and trolleybuses). The app connects directly to Timisoara's Transport Authority (RATT) servers and presents the arrival information in a format optimized for mobile devi... Added: 2014-12-30, Hits: 493
    • Pyroman: Jaws of Fire - It's Pac-Man like game. Meet the old legend in the new form! Light your own fire, get into maze and don't let to extinguish you. Try the Jaws of Fire! + 16 unique levels + 2 kinds of water ghosts + novel graphics and sound theme Recent changes: User interface is changed to be more convenient: +Added joystick +Added sound controls to all menus +Back-press behavior changed to be more useful. Gra... Added: 2013-12-14, Hits: 888
    • Read4SpeechExperiments - Esta aplicación permite obtener muestras de voz para realizar experimentos de reconocimento automático del habla. Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 5
    • Run Math Open Source - ****RUN MATH Open Source : is the best game for testing your intelligence, smart and clever. RUN MATH will make you mad with the simple operation but total time to calculate is just nearly 1 seconds. "EASY PLAY but EASY DIE". It make you addicted like Flappy Bird. Touch "Play" to start ?RUN MATH? now ! *****HOW TO PLAY***** : - Too simple, just do calculation but one per secon... Added: 2014-08-07, Hits: 693
    • Score Tarot - ScoreTarot est un logiciel de d?compte de point au tarot pour des parties de 3 ? 6 joueurs (avec un "mort"). Il est maintenant capable de g?rer les mis?res.Celles-ci sont compt?es pour le joueur et non pour l'?quipe, raison pour laquelle elle ne sont pas pris en compte dans les r?gles de la FFT. Toute suggestion d'am?lioration est la bienvenue. N'h?sitez pas ? laisser une note et un c... Added: 2015-01-23, Hits: 622
    • Scribe4 - The board, a 9x9 super grid of 3x3 mini grids, is simple enough to be drawn by hand. There are two major components of play: a mapping mechanism and a system of glyphs, or patterns of orthogonally adjacent squares. The mapping mechanism works as follows. Your last move points to the mini grid in which your next move must be made. For example, if your last move was in the upper left corner of a min... Added: 2016-01-20, Hits: 171
    • ShowsRage - ShowsRage lets you easily access and manage the TV shows you have configured in your SickRage installation. It was developed to work primarily with SickRage. Other forks may work, like SickBeard or SickGear, although they are not officially supported. The following features are currently available: - View shows, seasons and episodes - View history and coming episodes - Play downloaded episodes di... Added: 2015-11-05, Hits: 291
    • SmartNavi - Step Navigation - SmartNavi offers GPS independent and step-based OpenSource navigation for pedestrians. Save up to 80% energy and become independent from GPS. The app recognizes every step and its direction by using internal sensors. So you can save a lot of energy and navigate much more efficiently. After reaching your destination your battery will last much longer. Use SmartNavi's background service (GPS Fake... Added: 2016-05-23, Hits: 168
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