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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • IceCondor - Share GPS Location - IceCondor is powerful location recording and sharing for Android phones. IceCondor provides all day cell phone location tracking with GPS and Cell Towers, and wifi. You can review where you have been over the day, or share your location with other IceCondor users. Signup is easy with an email address and username. This app is ad-free. Recent changes: v20150402: * New look for activity log * P... Added: 2015-01-01, Hits: 728
  • IMonAir - IMonAir is an free small cross platform Instant Messaging application working with your Twitter or Foursquare account. It allows you to chat very easily with your online friends. IMonAir is completely open source (BSD License). Added: 2011-03-09, Hits: 1146
  • Impeller - Impeller is a rich, featureful client for the open, federated social network, built to give you the best experience possible over both your phone and tablet. Recent changes: [IMP-1031] - Database Creation Error Content rating: Medium Maturity Added: 2015-08-13, Hits: 422
  • mustard - Mustard is a microblog client. You can use it with (like and with twitter. It has many features like attachments, bookmarks, filters and geolocation. You can add multiple accounts also with merged timeline. Visit to get more informations! It's an open source project. Recent changes: Fixed a bug in conversation view Upgraded to Twitter API 1.1 ... Added: 2010-05-14, Hits: 1200
  • Mustard - Mustard ist ein Holo Mod einer der besten StatusNet Clients f?r Android, Mustard. Wie mustard selbst, ist nat?rlich auch Mustard MOD Quelloffen und steht f?r jeden zum Download bei GitHub bereit :) Bitte nutzt f?r Bugs, Features, ... dort auch den Issue Tracker ;) Ihr k?nnt auch gerne der Gruppe Mustard im Statusnet beitreten und mitreden ^^ Achtung: Der Fokus der App ziehlt ... Added: 2013-08-25, Hits: 1052
  • Pjuu - The open social network Our focus is on privacy and security, we will do all in our power to ensure these are met. Checkout the source code for the site and this application at hyttps:// Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 76
  • Podcast Provider - This is a plugin that allows you to use Podcast from JustPlayer. Please install the first JustPlayer. Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-09-01, Hits: 1028
  • RateBeer Mobile - RateBeer Mobile allows rate beers at A ratebeer account is required to use this application. The App is now open source at: Please report bugs at: Added: 2010-06-28, Hits: 1142
  • Rumble - Rumble is a completely off-the-grid application and delay-tolerant micro-blogging application that allows a device to connect, chat and share content (text and images) with other people around you. THIS IS STILL A BETA VERSION === Features === * Completely off-the-grid, Rumble doesn't use the Internet to work * Chat in real-time with other neighboring users * Share message and image (twitter-... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 173
  • Santoral - Sencillo santoral que te permite buscar los santos de un d?a concreto as? como el nombre de tus amigos o familiares para saber cuando est?n de santo. Entre las funciones incluidas est?n: &bull; Muestra los santos de cualquier d?a seleccionado &bull; B?squeda de nombres &bull; Soporte para Dashclock como extensi?n &bull; Soporte para Blur Launcher como "Info C... Added: 2012-11-19, Hits: 1110
  • SlimSocial for Facebook - ATTENTION: This app may not be suitable for who use it frequently. Why do I download SlimSocial for Facebook? - It is lightweight: it weighs less than 100 Kb; - It has simple, modern design: there is only what you need; - It is Open source: the code of this app is online on GitHub, anyone can verify the authenticity of the app and contribute to its development. - It is free and without ads; - it... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 64
  • SlimSocial for Twitter - After the publication of SlimFacebook I thought, why don't do the same with Twitter? Why do I download SlimSocial for Twitter? - It is lightweight: it weighs less than 1 Mb; - It has simple, modern design: there is only what you need; - It is Open source: the code of this app is online on GitHub, anyone can verify the authenticity of the app and contribute to its development. - It is free and wit... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 75
  • surespot encrypted messenger - Be sure no one else can see your messages. Use surespot and everything you send can only be read by the person you sent it to. Period. Everything sent using surespot is end-to-end encrypted with symmetric-key encryption (256 bit AES-GCM) using keys created with 521 bit ECDH shared secret derivation, but you wont notice because security in surespot is built-in, not a layer over something else. B... Added: 2015-10-06, Hits: 459
  • SyncMyPix - With SyncMyPix, you can automatically update your contacts with your Facebook friends' photos. See for update details See for help Recent changes: Added privacy policy Content rating: Everyone Added: 2011-10-19, Hits: 1117
  • The Zeitgeist Movement - Application promoting The Zeitgeist Movement. You will find here information about upcoming events such as Z-Day, shows, movies, etc. Additionally information about The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. You can download the source code (GPL licence) from: For technical issues e.g. when something doesn't work correctly, please contact on Added: 2011-02-24, Hits: 1109
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