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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

* Numix Circle icon pack

market download Numix-Circle is a free and open source high resolution icon pack to install on your device and use with plenty of launchers. It is made by NumixProject.
All the icons are circular and pack utilises the use of inset and dropshadows and subtle gradients.

We just added masks in latest release: now we cover all icons. Be sure to use our latest build!

? 192x192 pixel icons which supports displays up to xxxhdpi;
? Over 250+ icons and growing;
? Comes with Numix Circle wallpaper;
? You are free to critique on any icon for they are all open to change;
? Depending on your device display quality, the quality of the icon pack may vary.

Supported launchers:
? Apex
? Nova
? Holo
? Action
? Trebuchet (CyanogenMod)
and many more...

You can request an icon from the icon theme app itself.

Source code is available on GitHub:

TARDIS wallpaper available here:
Please visit our website for more Numix related artwork:

Recent changes:
* Added CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine support.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability;

Content rating: Everyone

Author: Numix Project Ltd.
Version: 2.2.1
Market link: com.numix.icons_circle
Web site:

Source code:
Code license:
Market downloads: >250,000
Market rating: 4.1 / 5.0
Category: Top:/Applications/Personalization

Added: 2015-06-17
Updated: 2015-07-03
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