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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

* BitShares Wallet

market download Cryptocurrency volatility is now a thing of the past. BitShares’ Smartcoins are tokens that are market-pegged to individual fiat currencies like the Dollar, Euro, Yuan and assets like Businesses, Gold and Oil. Thousands of investors, savers, traders and employers now use Smartcoins to buy and sell goods and services globally.

No bank account? No problem. The unbanked and underbanked can now buy, sell and use Smartcoins locally with anyone, or utilize one of the many Exchanges who will convert your fiat into Smartcoins and back again if needed., Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC38 and Yunbi just to name a few.

Merchants accepting Smartcoins say Hello to new customers!

» No recurring or percentage based fees
» Total transaction fee is just a few cents
» Identity Theft and Chargebacks are impossible
» Much faster than cash, credit or debit (PIN) card networks
» Secured by the encrypted, fraud-proof BitShares blockchain

It’s like online banking but without any banks!
Send any amount.. anywhere.. for just a few cents.. and in only 3 seconds!

» Works with all Smartcoin enabled Point Of Sale (POS) systems at merchants worldwide
» Absolute Security; BitShares blockchain based, End-to-End Encryption, BrainKey, multi-signature account permissions, auto-encrypted Backups, auto-close, auto-timeout and PIN verifications
» No Bluetooth, NFC, merchant wireless service or special hardware is required
» Use QR Codes to Send locally (uses your phone’s camera to scan their QR Code)
» Use QR Codes to Receive locally (displays your QR Code so your friend can scan it)
» Receive eReceipts automatically via merchant QR codes
» 10,000+ transactions per second (TPS) which is more than Visa and Mastercard combined!
» Send and Receive Smartcoins (bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY, bitBTC, bitSILVER, etc)
» Send and Receive User Issued Assets (UIAs) - (OPENPOS, OBITS, OPENBTC, COFFEE, etc)
» Supports a large Memo field with sending payments (for personal notes or notes to the recipient)
» Share the BitShares Wallet app with friends and get reward$
» Choose friendly account names; No more long cryptic addresses or numbers
» Totally Open-Source Software (OSS) and verifiable on Github
» Contacts can be organized by BitShares account address or nickname label. Notes and Avatars are supported too!
» Quickly and Easily share your payment address via email, chat, wireless, social media and telephone
» Monitor all Balances and Transactions in real-time; UIUX never needs a refresh
» Now in 22 languages!


» Update UI/UX and speed it up, filter and export transactions to multiple file formats for accounting, ability to select a different wss node, etc. (v1.1)
» Recurring and Scheduled Payments feature for auto-paying bills, subscriptions, etc (v1.2)
» “Finder” - Google Maps integration; Find local Smartcoin friends, merchants, jobs and BitShares Meetups (v2)
» Stealth Transactions (blinded addresses AND amounts for the ultimate in privacy!) (v2)
» Rollout of next POS module (instantly connects >50K supermarkets, restaurants and retail shops!) (v2.1)
» “Exchange” - Buy and Sell Smartcoins, UIAs, Bitcoins, Altcoins on the internal Exchange (DEx) directly (v3)
» Android Wear and Apple Watch support (v4)

Pleeeeease Donate

Please consider donating to the BitShares Wallet project so the Developers can afford to keep this wallet secure, bug free, ad free and constantly improving. (BTS account: bitshares-munich) Thank you! :)

BitShares Munich

» (meet us in person!)
» (explainer videos too!)

Author: BitShares Munich
Version: 1.0.5
Market link: de.bitsharesmunich.wallet
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Market downloads: 100-500
Market rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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