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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

* FastPhotoTagger

market download View and change photo metadata.

FastPhotoTagger tries to be the fastest way to set the metadata in your photos. Add, change, delete, and search the metadata fields of your choice. FastPhotoTagger excels when you have lots of files and lots of metadata.

Key Features
o Provides quick-start user guide. New users should read the guide before using this product!
o Displays JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, DNG, RAW, and many TIFF image types
o Uses ExifTool to read & write metadata
o Displays all metadata in an image file
o Compares metadata in several image files
o Reads and writes your favorite metadata fields: XMP, IPTC, EXIF, etc.
o Creates slideshows that display metadata as captions
o Searches metadata
o Performs basic file operations and uses a file manager interface to navigate the system
o Runs on Android systems that use the ARM and x86 processors
o Free, no advertising, open source

Author: Dennis Damico
Version: 1.8
Market link: net.sourceforge.fastphototagger
Web site:

Source code:
Code license:
Market downloads: 1,000-5,000
Market rating: 4.3 / 5.0
Category: Top:/Applications/Photography

Added: 2016-06-08
Updated: 2017-03-15
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