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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • BetterBatteryStats - Due to major changes by Google in Kitkat root access is required to have access to all the features of BBS (see here for more details: A high battery drain is often a limiting factor for a great user experience. With BetterBatteryStats you can analyse the behavior of your phone, find applications causing the phone to drain battery w... Added: 2013-06-23, Hits: 992
  • Birthday Calendar Adapter - Description Birthday Adapter provides birthdays, anniversaries, and other events from your contacts as a real calendar, which is displayed in your standard Android calendar application. To my knowledge, this is the first implementation that implements birthdays as a calendar displayed in Android's Calendar app. All other apps only displays their own lists but have no real integr... Added: 2012-06-20, Hits: 1154
  • Blue Mono Sound - Simple app that redirects any audio being played in the android device to the paired Bluetooth headset. Includes Play/Pause/Next/Back buttons to allow to interact with media from within the application. Constantly updating and improving the application. If you want a feature for the app, please go to the github and open an Issue for that feature or bug. No Adds in the app and will stay that way. T... Added: 2015-03-01, Hits: 467
  • Bluetooth Reprap - An early development version of the Bluetooth RepRap control app. Interfaces with a Bluetooth serial module that is connected to the RepRap's rx/tx lines. If you want to use it with an alt serial port, you'll need to use my sprinter fork that has alt serial support. As a bonus, this version of sprinter also supports the high(er) speed file transfer that is built in to the app. This SHOULD also b... Added: 2012-04-30, Hits: 1078
  • Bluetooth Terminal - Bluetooth-spp-terminal (based on Android Bluetooth chat sample) Features: ========= * Search and connect to bluetooth devices in slave mode via RFCOMM; * Send commands to devices both ASCII and hex modes; * Calc and check Modulo256 checksum; * Share and clean log; * English/Russian i18n; * Opensource: Added: 2014-09-30, Hits: 627
  • Bluez IME - This application installs a new IME (soft-keyboard) that can read data from a Bluetooth input device. Supported devices are: Zeemote JS1, MSI Chainpus BGP100, Phonejoy and iControlPad (iCP). This is NOT a bluetooth keyboard driver, it ONLY supports the devices listed above. Analog input is supported but requires that the app you are using BluezIME with also supports it. Some of the major emulat... Added: 2012-06-20, Hits: 1084
  • Blur Apn Switch - Simple open source homescreen widget, to toggle mobile data. Styled for Motoblur. Source: Content rating: Everyone Added: 2014-04-15, Hits: 669
  • BotBrew ? root - BotBrew is a ? root ? app that brings cross-compiled command line software to Android, along with a package manager based on opkg and a service manager based on runit. Some highlights include: ? an almost-complete busybox with 327 applets: have more of your favorite commands without the bloat ? python and ruby: script on-the-go, or run django- and rails-powered servers ? subversion and git: acces... Added: 2012-07-25, Hits: 1085
  • Bubble level - A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate, simple to use and incredibly useful tool for your Android device. Hold any of the phone's four sides against an object to test it for level or plumb, or lay it... Added: 2012-03-08, Hits: 2499
  • BulkShare - Share more with style! You can use this app the aggregate multiple links and share them all at once. This app is open source, the code is on GitHub: Recent changes: v1.10 - Czech translation See the changelog for more details Content rating: Everyone Added: 2015-04-04, Hits: 448
  • Bulkshare 2 - Share more with style! You can use this app to aggregate multiple links and send them by email all at once. This app is open source, the code is available on GitHub: Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 29
  • BusyBox - This application is an BusyBox installer for Android. Includes BusyBox v1.26.2, supported 338 applets, the most complete set of functions. Supports installation BusyBox from the application and via recovery from zip archive (see "Menu - Zip archive"). To install BusyBox requires superuser (root) privileges, but you also can use a busybox tools without root permissions. For it is enough ... Added: 2016-04-13, Hits: 231
  • BusyBox - Busybox Pro is on sale now for a limited time only! Root required for this application! The fastest, most trusted, and #1 BusyBox installer and uninstaller! Over 20 million installs and over 100,000 5 Star ratings! Support for arm and intel based devices, mips support coming soon. (I need a mips device) Mentioned in the new XDA-Developers book "XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit: ... Added: 2012-12-27, Hits: 1144
  • CACertMan - Allow user on ROOTED devices to browse, search, backup, restore and delete SSL Root Authority certificates from their Android cacerts.bks keystore. Designed to address the hacks to root CAs such as Diginotar. Tags: Diginotar, Comodo, CACerts Recent changes: - added to market Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-03-05, Hits: 786
  • Call Meter 3G: THE monitor app - Call Meter 3G is the most complete monitor app for your Android device: It monitors your calls, text messages and data usage. It shows statistics of your usage and shows alerts if you reach your limit. There are all kinds of widgets to show the most valuable statistics directly on the home screen. Call Meter 3G has a complex rule engine to let you set up the app exactly the way your provider wri... Added: 2012-11-27, Hits: 1147
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