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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • Call Meter NG - Call Meter lets you keep an eye on your mobile plans. It shows statistics of your calls/sms/txt/data traffic and lets you set limits for each of these plans. Call Meter supports a huge amount of billing modes to let you adapt it's behaviour to your operators billing. This app is open source software build in spare time. Adding bad comments in market won't help much to make it better. Please add ... Added: 2012-08-16, Hits: 963
  • Call Recorder - MOST PHONES DOES NOT SUPPORT CALL RECORDING. Blame Google or your phone manufacturer not me! If it fails with high quality sound recording (voice line) this app will switch back to the MIC recording, no ads, open-source, GPLv3. Google knows about issue but do nothing, can read more here: Added: 2017-07-03, Hits: 7799
  • Camera Color Picker - Camera Color Picker is a very light weight app that uses the camera of your device to capture a color. It analyses in real time the camera preview and extracts the color that you are pointing at. You don't have to take a picture and then pinpoint the color you want: it all happens in real time. You can save the color on your phone and copy several color formats to the clipboard. Currenlty the app... Added: 2015-09-15, Hits: 516
  • CatLog - Logcat Reader! - JELLY BEAN USERS: CatLog now requires ROOT access to read logs. More info: Debug your apps. Find error stacktraces. See what your phone is saying about you behind your back. It's all there in the system log, aka logcat! What makes CatLog stand out over similar apps? * Color-coded tag names * Easy-to-read column display * Real-time search * Recording mode (with widget)... Added: 2013-02-27, Hits: 1091
  • CertTools - X.509 certificate viewer. Reads from PEM files and displays the X509 certificate. Use a file manager to open a PEM file. Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 21
  • CheckValve - ABOUT CHECKVALVE: CheckValve is a server query app for HLDS/SRCDS game server admins which includes the following features: * Basic server information (name, IP, map, players, tags) * Detailed player information for a given server * Player search (searches across all servers) * RCON * Real-time player chat (requires a CheckValve Chat Relay) CheckValve is open source software... Added: 2014-07-02, Hits: 982
  • CIDR Calculator - CIDR Calculator is a simple IP subnet calculator for network engineers to quickly determine what the address range is of a subnet. Recent changes: Fixed bug with converter. IP Decimal didn't allow typing more than one period. Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-03-21, Hits: 1071
  • CMIS Browser - The Android CMIS Browser allows you to access content repositories that support the CMIS standard. - browsing the CMIS repository - viewing and sharing documents - title or fulltext search - Favorites - Multiple Repositories Recent changes: - Changed some URLs for default servers - Fixed some Errors Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-03-23, Hits: 935
  • CMU Flite Text to Speech - Flite (festival-lite) is a small, fast run-time synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University. This application installs the Flite Text-To-Speech Engine as a plug-in to the TTS framework on your phone. Other applications can use Flite for reading text out to you. Support in the latest version (rolling out slowly) is included for English and Indian languages. Previous version only sup... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 45
  • Color Namer - Ever wondered what the name for that color is? Or wanted a set of colors that could be described as 'dusty'? Color Namer lets you name colors in the world around you using your camera. You can also explore the whole named colorspace with a color picker, search through color names, and find names for hex values. The named colors in the app were taken from the results of the XKCD color survey: x... Added: 2015-06-26, Hits: 385
  • Concrete Estimator - Calculates the size and materials needed for a concrete slab. Right now it is only for a 3000psi mix of 1:3:3 ratio. Future releases will let you change the mix ratios. Licensed under the GPL V3. Content rating: Not rated Added: 2012-12-11, Hits: 667
  • Contact Owner - Give your Android a chance to call home! Display your contact information when the device is locked, allowing the finder to contact you. Select yourself (or a friend) from your list of contacts, then select which information you want shown. IF YOU NEED HELP please use the website/email below. Comments can't be replied to! Content rating: Everyone Added: 2012-03-07, Hits: 959
  • Copy to Clipboard - Copy to Clipboard integrates in to the Share menu, allowing you to copy text to the clipboard instead of sharing via an SMS/e-mail/tweet/etc. This is useful when you want to share text to an application that does not implement the regular "send to" functionality, such as GTalk. Content rating: Not rated Added: 2012-03-21, Hits: 811
  • Counter - Counter is an open source tally counter for Android. It makes counting easier. You can have multiple counters with their own names and values. Values can be changed using volume buttons. No ads. No unnecessary permissions required. Enjoy! ;) This is an open source application. So if you want to fix a bug or propose a new feature, you can write some code yourself and submit a patch. Source code i... Added: 2015-08-04, Hits: 409
  • CPU Spy - This is a simple app to display the time the CPU spends in each frequency state. This can be a useful tool in diagnosing battery problems or tweaking your over-clock settings. It also displays the current kernel information. Source: XDA Developers thread: Recent changes: -Display total state time -Massiv... Added: 2013-01-10, Hits: 918
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