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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • LexinProject - Lexin Project is simple and powerful translator application for all who is studying Swedish. Supported online dictionaries: Supported languages: albanska amhariska arabiska azerbajdzjanska bosniska engelskt finska grekiska kroatiska nordkurdiska pashto persiska ryska serbiska (latinskt) serbiska (kyrilliskt) somaliska s... Added: 2014-01-21, Hits: 724
  • Logical Defense - Steel yourselves, and begin to defend your mind from the language used against you by the sophists of the world. They are many, we are few, but with the Logical Defense app, we now have an extra tool in our box of rationality. Use this app to quickly look-up the logical fallacies we face when debating against the irrational. Call out those who are logically flawed and help to build a more ratio... Added: 2015-06-17, Hits: 535
  • Man Man - Man-Man (GPLv3) ======= Notice: Label "In-app purchases" is here only because of "Donate" button. No money-unlockable content is present in application. Convenient app for searching, browsing linux man pages and explaining commands Android client for accessing API and content of site Basically this means that this is a tool for any Linux enthusiast familiar w... Added: 2014-11-20, Hits: 664
  • Mandelbrot Maps - For each point in the famous Mandelbrot set fractal, there is a unique Julia set fractal parametrised by that point. Mandelbrot Maps is a fractal viewer designed to demonstrate the relationship between the two by generating the relevant Julia fractal in real-time as you move a pin across the Mandelbrot set. It also aims to be one of the fastest fractal generators available for Android, optimised ... Added: 2014-03-07, Hits: 1021
  • MATHTools - MATHTools is a collection of handy tools for high school (and early university) students who deal with math. It all started as a small weekend project in Feb 2013; but I started experimenting and adding features little by little and continued to make it better. MATHTools is a tiny open source app that offers a handy set of tools in a nice, clean and modern interface. As I got into university, t... Added: 2016-02-29, Hits: 234
  • Maxima on Android - Maxima, a full featured computer algebra system, now runs on your Android mobile devices. Maxima, and its predecessor Macsyma is one of the most long-established software in the world, back in 1960s at MIT LCS and Project Mac. You can perform many many math operations such as integration, differentiation, matrix operations, rational numbers, symbolic treatment of constants such as pi, e, euler's g... Added: 2014-05-24, Hits: 1101
  • Mnemododo - Mnemododo allows spaced-repetition flash cards from Mnemosyne to be reviewed on a mobile phone. Both Mnemosyne and the Mnemogogo plugin must be installed on your PC. Cards cannot be edited on your phone. There is support for HTML markup (including LaTeX), graphics (including maps), and sound. Instructions for configuring Mnemododo can be found at: Added: 2014-02-20, Hits: 842
  • Mobile Sensor Web - With this app you can view and analyse all the sensors that are connected to a Sensor Observation Service by 52north. Add as many timeseries as you want and choose the timespan. Zoom and paginate your results. This app was build at University of Hamburg, Germany. Feel free to contribute: Recent changes: First release. Please be patient - this is suppo... Added: 2015-05-13, Hits: 436
  • Mobilne Bezpiecze?stwo - Zobacz, kt?re aplikacje w Twoim telefonie wiedz? o Tobie wszystko, kt?re mog? Ci? narazi? na koszty, a kt?re mog? uszkodzi? Twoje urz?dzenie. Content rating: Everyone Added: 2015-02-23, Hits: 444
  • Narau - Featuring: - A dictionary (Japanese/English,French,German,Dutch,Russian,Spanish), based on JMDict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) - Hiragana/Katakana charts - A Kana/Kanji drawing panel - Kana/Kanji drill (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) - A Kanji to words (words come the the dictionary) The kanjis informations comes from Kanjivg and KANJIDIC2 databases. Recent changes: First import ver... Added: 2013-09-27, Hits: 759
  • NDKmol - molecular viewer - NDKmol -- Molecular Viewer for Android == About == NDKmol is a molecular viewer for Android. You can view three dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. NDKmol supports most of common representations for molecules, such as ribbon, trace, stick, sphere and line. NDKmol also supports symmetry operations; biological assemblies and crystal packing can be displayed. You ... Added: 2013-10-27, Hits: 868
  • Nootka - Nootka is an application to learn classical score notation. It helps to understand the rules of reading and writing scores and helps with developing skills of playing and singing notes. Simply: users looks at piece of a score, plays it, Nootka is listening to it, checks and shows was it played well. All in real time. Added: 2017-12-20, Hits: 2780
  • OCaml Toplevel on Android - Experimental build of OCaml toplevel (interactive mode or interpreter) on Android. OCaml (Objective Caml) is a variant of Caml, which is a general-purpose programming language, designed with program safety and reliability in mind (quoted from OCaml homepage). See `about' dialog for license. Source code (and patch for cross-compiler on ARM-eabi) is fully available at Added: 2011-10-20, Hits: 1089
  • OpenTechSummit - On Thursday, May 14 the OpenTechSummit will take place in Berlin at the ?Kalkscheune? venue with with a feature track of the Linuxtag. Talks, workshops and panels will take place all day long. Topics range from open hardware to open data, design, graphics, software, start ups and digital policies. In a barcamp style track there is space for adhoc meetings, lightning talks and breakout sessions. Th... Added: 2015-05-19, Hits: 416
  • PIN Mnemonic - The Privacy Friendly PIN Mnemonic application can be used to find out strategies to memorize a Personal Identification Number (PIN). It belongs to the group of Privacy Friendly Apps. After entering the PIN, the application displays up to five strategies for memorizing the PIN: 1) It draws the shape on the number pad and highlights the numbers corresponding to the PIN. 2) It determines whether th... Added: 2016-02-21, Hits: 193
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