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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • ?????????? ???? - ??????? ?????? ?? ???? ???????? ??? ????????? ?????? ??????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ???????????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ?? ????? ??? ?????????? ????? ??? ?????????? ??????? ?????????? ??? ???! ????: * ??????? * ????????? ?????? * ??????? ????????? * ????? ?????????? ?? ??????? ???? * ?????? ?? ??????? ????(????? ???????? ?? ?????????) Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 97
  • aNarXiv - What is aNarXiv? It is yet another arXiv viewer. Conveniently this means that it is very easy to read the latest arXiv postings. It now include following features(and will add more later on): -Browsing arXiv categories. -Automate save your recent read papers and categories. -Save preprints to your phone for later, offline browsing. -Add your favorite arXiv categories and papers, for quick acc... Added: 2012-10-27, Hits: 861
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards - Memorize anything with AnkiDroid! AnkiDroid lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you would forget. It is fully compatible with the spaced repetition software Anki (including synchronization), which is available for Windows/Mac/Linux/ChromeOS. Study all sorts of things wherever and whenever you want. Make good use of idle times on bus trips, in supermarket queues... Added: 2011-06-01, Hits: 1285
  • Antikythera Simulation - The Antikythera Mechanism is a small device constructed in ancient Greece around 150BC and it was mainly used for accurate astronomical measurements. It's complexity -comparable to that of a 19th century swiss clock- is admired by historians and scientists and it is often called as "mankind's first computer". "Antikythera Simulation" is an open source, interactive 3D simulatio... Added: 2012-09-28, Hits: 1154
  • AnyMemo: Flash Card Study - AnyMemo is an advanced spaced-repetition flash card learning software with rich functions. The app is free, open-sourced and Ads free. Source code: Main features: 1. Improved adaptive algorithm from Mnemosyne, Supermemo, Anki. 2. Simple and power saving interface with rich functions. No hidden internet connection, No Ads! 3. Text-to-Speech, MP3/OGG/WAV audi... Added: 2012-03-17, Hits: 1326
  • Balanduino Android App - * NOTE: This app is only useful if you have the Balanduino, Balancing robot from TKJ Electronics. This is the official Android app for the Balanduino robot from TKJ Electronics. This app allows you to steer the robot via the onboard accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope or a simple onscreen joystick. It also allows you to adjust the PID values wirelessly, see the IMU data on a graph, inform... Added: 2014-01-24, Hits: 971
  • Catverbs ? Verbs en Catal - ? M?s que 8000 verbs catalans conjugats plenament ? No necessita una connexi? a Internet ? Gratu?t i sense anuncis Added: 2016-04-17, Hits: 238
  • ClipCaster - [ Update: I no longer have time to continue to improve this app. Thanks to everybody who tried it out and improved awareness of this vulnerability! Improvements & fixes are welcome via Github ] [ LastPass update round 2: I automated the exploit for Facebook, as described in my blog post. If LastPass changes things up again it will stop working and may take a few days to get back up, but hopef... Added: 2015-06-17, Hits: 441
  • CS Teaching Labs (UofT) - CS Teaching Labs is a simple and lightweight Android app (requires Android 4.1+) that allows Computer Science students at University of Toronto St George to quickly check the availability of computers and the printer queues. This app uses data provided by the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science Teaching Labs (formerly CDF). The project is open source and available on GitHub: htt... Added: 2015-06-17, Hits: 568
  • ESmol -- molecular viewer - ESmol -- Molecular Viewer for Android NOTICE! If your device can run NDKmol, please use it. It is much faster and have more features than ESmol. You can get NDKmol from . ESmol is maintained for compatibility with very old devices. == About == ESmol is a molecular viewer for Android. You can view three dimensional structur... Added: 2013-09-18, Hits: 908
  • Galaxy Zoo - To understand how galaxies have formed, astronomers need your help to classify them according to their shapes. If you're quick, you may even be the first person to see the galaxies you're asked to classify. Images come from telescopes including Hubble and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This app caches several subjects locally so you can classify even while offline and have the classifications aut... Added: 2014-12-06, Hits: 1103
  • GLT Companion - This is a schedule application for the event "Grazer Linuxtage" - GLT Features: * Upcoming and live events * Create your own customized schedule with favorites * Reminder for your favorite talks * Offline support (Download the program) * Instantsearch for talks * Share events by email, twitter, etc. It's Open Source and available under a Apache License, v 2.0. Added: 2015-04-12, Hits: 619
  • Hubble Gallery - Hubble Gallery is a simple and beautiful application for you to browse through all the amazing images and descriptions that the Hubble Space Telescope mission released to the public over the past 25+ years. - Read descriptions on all images that have them - Easily navigate photos by section, popularity, and resolution - Save links to your favorite images, view them in the favorites section - Eas... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 107
  • JEnseigne - JEnseigne a pour objectif de faire d?couvrir l'alphabet et les mots ? mes enfants. L'application utilise les capacit?s de synth?ses vocales d'Android (Si celle-ci ne fonctionne pas, vous pouvez l'installer via Param?tres -> Saisie et sortie vocales) Il y a actuellement 4 jeux. - Dessiner les lettres en suivant un point rouge. - Enseigner la premi?re lettre des mots - Tapez le plus de mots poss... Added: 2014-04-03, Hits: 813
  • Kanji Draw - leafdigital Kanji draw is a simple application that lets you draw Japanese characters (kanji) using the touch screen. It is intended for Japanese language learners who might need to enter characters in order to look them up in a dictionary or enter them on a website. Open source software. Free and no ads. It identifies the character you have drawn using a special form of handwriting recognition.... Added: 2013-06-17, Hits: 1087
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