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"The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source -

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  • Inventum - App monitors the world of Cinema and TV (a TMDb client) App doesn't play Movies / Series Find and discover movies, TV shows and actors on your Android device. Source code available on GitHub: App Features: * Different languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Polish, Belarusian, Russian * Discover: Search for movies and TV shows by genres... Added: 2017-02-21, Hits: 109
  • Japanese Name Converter - Converts any name from English into Japanese characters. Learn to write and pronounce your name in katakana, or even create a good approximation in kanji! Works best on common American first names. Features: combine different kanji to change the meaning, save your favorites, share via Twitter, email, SMS, etc. Content rating: Everyone Added: 2013-04-09, Hits: 1161
  • Jupiter Broadcasting - The Jupiter Broadcasting App lets you listen to or view the live stream from you android device. Also lets you view the most recent shows from the network in the feed. Jupiter Broadcasting is a great online broadcasting network and if you want to support the developer by buying this app sorry but you can't :P However you can always donate to the network at Added: 2013-03-17, Hits: 1121
  • Kaleidoscope - Make patterns from ready images or the camera. Added: 2013-07-18, Hits: 1136
  • Lampshade - Lampshade is a free, open-source TV tropes wrapper for Android. Features include: * Formatting suitable for mobile devices * Holo theme (light and dark) and a beautiful ICS look * Save articles for later reading * Extensive use of the action bar * Spoiler functionality * Search for articles and more nifty little things The source code is available on Github Added: 2013-03-03, Hits: 1125
  • Mini vMac - NOTICE: YOU MUST HAVE A VALID 128KB MAC PLUS ROM FILE IN ORDER TO USE THIS APPLICATION! This is a port of the Mini vMac emulator for the Android platform. It supports almost any Android device, starting from android version 1.6. Features -------- * 4MB Mac Plus * Full screen (scaled down if needed) or scrolling if needed (full size) * Full simulated keyboard (including all Mac keys) and physical... Added: 2012-12-29, Hits: 1170
  • MorbidMeter - MorbidMeter is a perverse little widget that puts your lifespan into perspective using various timescales that are easier (or sometimes harder) to grasp than an actual lifetime. The program takes your date of birth, your estimated life-span, today's date, and a unit of time (year, hour, minute, month, and others) and generates where (when?) you are right now in that time unit. For example, if yo... Added: 2013-07-27, Hits: 1130
  • MunchLife - MunchLife is a very simple counter application for keeping track of your character level while you're playing the card game Munchkin(tm). Released under the GPL version 3. Get code or report bugs at: Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This... Added: 2010-07-13, Hits: 1129
  • My Wallpaper - SOURCE CODE IS AVAILABLE UNDER MIT LICENSE! Download it at About My Wallpaper: Use public & personal photos from flickr, use pictures from SD Card, supports bookmark, tags, rotation, groups and more. Change your settings (Menu/Settings) to make the app personal. Added: 2010-06-07, Hits: 1147
  • Nounours and friends - This cute teddy bear is a fun friend for children of all ages. Move him around by moving his head, paws, tummy, and ears. Spin him around. Shake the phone. Nounours does some funny animations (disco, flying, jumping). This app features: * An app plus a live wallpaper, to have Nounours on your home screen at all times. * 5 themes, including one of Bugdroid * Customizable background color for som... Added: 2016-04-25, Hits: 221
  • Nyan Droid Live Wallpaper - With this live wallpaper you can watch as Nyan Droid distributes Ice Cream Nyanwich to all! Nyan Droid graphic created by Daniel Sandler. In part thanks to this ever important feature request: App is inspired by the infamous Nyan Cat created by PRGuitarman ( Source available on GitHub: https://gith... Added: 2014-07-29, Hits: 849
  • Strobe Light - A simple strobe light application which turns the camera flash light on and off based on configurable delays. *** Not compatible with all devices, please see below for details *** Both the time the light is on and the time the light is off can be configured independently to fully customise the type of flashing you require. For best results, try a very low but not zero value for the "on&quo... Added: 2015-03-20, Hits: 596
  • Tiny Open Source Violin - A tiny open source violin Currently has a choice of 3 classic songs (louder by popular request), or you can now also pick your own song!! AWESOME!!!!1 Make the violin bigger or smaller by grabbing one of the corners around the violin and dragging to the desired size. One song is a version of "God Knows" from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (thank you to Earnest) - h... Added: 2011-10-05, Hits: 1173
  • Unreal Tracker - This app is a tracker for the Unreal Tournament and Unreal Engine 4 projects. It aggregates the latest blog post headlines and abbreviated marketplace listings (along with the links to visit the full page) in one place, making it easy to follow Unreal at a glance. You can select different themes. I try to keep internet usage light by only fetching posts at application startup. To refresh the lis... Added: 2015-04-10, Hits: 508
  • Vieilles Charrues 2010 - Application officielle Emporte le festival dans ta poche ! * Actualit?s Soit au courant de tout * Programmation Pour ne rien rater, met tes concerts en favoris * Cartes Avec GPS, pour ne plus se perdre * O? est ma tente ? Ou encore ton bar pr?f?r? * Infos pratiques Tout ce qui te sera utile Added: 2010-07-12, Hits: 1102
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